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'The girls at Just Get Married in Italy took my wedding ideas and turned them into something that was way beyond our wildest dreams' Alex Preston (pictured above) married in Rome, Italy (read more...)

Rome has more than 900 churches full of history, famous masterpieces and all uniquely beautiful. These churches were built during the past 2000 years and spread all over Rome. Our wide selection of churches in Rome have been carefully chosen by our professional wedding planning staff in Rome, not only for their charm and beauty but also to meet the requirements of a memorable wedding day in Modern Rome.

Just Get Married Wedding tips: sometimes location, view, parking and easy access is something each couple should take into account when choosing a church in busy, modern Rome! All the churches suggested by Just Get Married takes this into account to guarantee you an easy, stressfree wedding day in Rome for you and your guests.

Visit our web gallery to view just a few of our church venue suggetions for your catholic wedding in Rome. You may still suggest a church in Rome and, if it is not included in our list, we will still source/organise the church for you, together with taking care of all the administration side as per our coordination service.


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You may be happy to know that Catholic church paperwork requirements are the same as per any catholic church, regardless if you choose to get married in your local or in a catholic church in Italy, in particular:

  • both spouses or at least one must be catholic
  • has never been married before (civil or religious rite, unless you had an annulment of the previous marriage)
  • had received all 3 previous sacraments (baptism, holy communion & confirmation) - if only one of you is catholic, only the catholic spouse must have all catholic sacraments completed
  • have attended a pre-marriage course at your local parish
  • a letter of freedom from your local parish priest confirming the above, authorizing you to get married outside your parish

A detailed catholic wedding requirements in Italy list is sent during the planning. As your wedding planners in Rome , we will take care of all the paperwork from the Italian side (booking of local churches, sourcing of an english speaking priest, liasing with local church offices etc).




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