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Hello Deborah!

We had a great honeymoon and the wedding day in Rome was fantastic.
'Just Get Married in Italy' local coordinator was lovely and she did a great job with the wedding day management.

Thanks to yourself also Deborah for organising all the legal and religious bits and pieces that have to be done on the build up to the wedding day. You simplified the process at this end & sorting things very smoothly. It was a fantastic wedding day & will be etched for ever in our memories.

The church in Rome & the exclusive reception venue in Via Veneto were just what we had hoped for! Hair & Make up, outstanding! The piper musician that we thought impossible to find, (but Just Get Married in Italy did find!) playing in the famous Piazza del Popolo for us and our was the cherry on top of the cake!

Many thanks!

Barry & Elaine Scott (UK)