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Our wedding in Rome was a dream come true. What life experience compares to getting married in an ancient church, in the beautiful Italian language. The venue Caracalla in Rome was amazing, not only because we were married in the heart of ancient Rome. After the ceremony we wandered up to the Colosseum, stopping for photographs on the way. We were overjoyed to hear schoolchildren calling out La Sposa (the bride), and Auguri (best wishes).

I felt like a princess, especially when tourist started taking photographs of us too!We hired Just Get Married in Italy ! to help us with the legal paperwork side of the wedding - the many steps involved for Australians to be married in Italy. Just Get Married in Italy was able to tell us what we needed to do and was happy to take documents to different authorities for us when we didn't need to be present.
This really made the official tedious paperwork side of things much more pleasant for us, and meant we could get on with enjoying the day. My friends commented that I was the most cool, calm and collected bride they had ever seen!!! I guess that's the great benefit of having Just Get Married in Italy wedding coordinator to organise things for us!

Emily & Mark Bogue (AUSTRALIA)